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Cyclones Sweep Christmas Tournament


Written by: Kris Larson
Friday, December 28, 2007

The Cyclones finished the Christmas Tournament by bringing home the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />

First Place
trophy and scoring five very impressive wins at Teamworks in Warwick on Thursday the 27th.  The Cyclones were undefeated for the day.

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In the first game of the tournament, they faced a very skilled Coventry team.  The Cyclones took to the unfamiliar field setting to challenge the previously unbeaten Coventry players.  The score was tied at three points during the match but the Cyclones prevailed to outscore Coventry by a score of 8-5.


The second match of the day pitted the Cyclones against another previously unbeaten team out of West Warwick.  They took put up the games first three scores, all within the first five minutes of the game and never looked back.  The Cyclones finished out the game by beating West Warwick 8-2.


In the third game of the day, the Cyclones faced the Warwick Firefighters.  Within the first three minutes of the game, they put up three quick goals to stun the Firefighters.  They worked extremely hard to outpace them throughout the game to finish ahead of them with a score of 8-2.


Game four was an extremely hard fought battle that put many parents into cardiac arrest (except for Coach Rob and Coach Kris who were extremely confident in the girls.)  The Cyclones faced North Providence, a team who they handled very well during the 2007 Spring Season.  It looks like the girls from North Providence remembered their spring adventures versus Bristol and came out ready to go.  North Providence was also previously unbeaten in regular season and tournament play.


Bristol lead through the first eighteen minutes and North Providence apparently wasnt happy with that.  In a three minute timeframe, North Providence put in three goals to put the Cyclones behind by two goals.  The next four minutes of the game found the score going back and forth between the two squads.  In the last 37 seconds, Bristol scored two goals to record the win of 7-6.  Of note in this game were five goals scored by Georgia Teixeira.  Three of them came in the last 3:10 to secure the win for the Cyclones.


The Championship game once again found Bristol playing the Warwick Firefighters.  Within the first 37 seconds, the Cyclones lit up the scoreboard and put out the fire in their competitors bellies.  They extinguished all their hopes and held the Firefighters from scoring through the first 20 minutes.  The Cyclones triumphed 10-1 to bring home the first place trophy.


At the end of the game, Coach Kris told reporters, Im extremely proud of this team.  Theyve turned their luck around 360 degrees from last year.  The girls are learning that soccer is all about the two Ms- movement and positioning.


Stats for the Day:

Bristol outscored their competitors 41-16.

Haley Correia (goalie for all games) allowed just 3.2 goals per game.

Colleen Killeavy- 1 assist

Georgia Teixeira- 15 goals, 8 assists

Jenna Cimbron- 2 goals, 3 assists

Kerrie Larson- 13 goals, 17 assists

Rayna Medeiros- 2 goals, 1 assist

Sarina Olson- 2 goals, 1 assist

Sarah Jane Klein- 2 goals, 2 assists

Sarah Varrichione- 4 goals

Sawyer Levesque- 1 goal

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