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The Bristol Cyclones Finish the Indoor Season


Written by: Kris Larson
Sunday, April 6, 2008

Overall through the indoor session, the Cyclones tallied a record of 26-3-1.


After dominating the first session in the U8 division, the energetic Cyclones jumped into the U10 division to face some elevated competition.  The young squad never looked back and worked hard to play like champions. 

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In the U10 Division, the Cyclones finished both the Regular Season and Championships in a very impressive second place to the Broncos from their very own BYSA organization. 


Some highlights of the indoor season for the Cyclones include:

-Outscored the competition 237-79

-Undefeated through their first 20 games.

-Dominated the competition in two <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Warwick tournaments.

-Only beaten by Bristols U10 Bronco team.


Player highlights and awards from the indoor session:

  • Sarah Varrichione- Most Improved Defender- 12 goals, 4 assists
  • Abi Lombardo- Most Improved Overall Player- 17 goals, 15 assists
  • Michaela Carvalho- Most Improved Offensive Player- 10 goals, 11 assists
  • Colleen Killeavy- Toughest Defensive Player- 5 goals, 5 assists
  • Haley Correia- Goal Keeper of the Year- 6 goals, 8 assists
  • Olivia Rego- Most Dependable Player- 5 goals, 7 assists
  • Georgia Teixeira- Best Passing/Teamwork Player- 45 goals, 29 assists
  • Kerrie Larson- Rock Solid Offensive Player of the Year- 58 goals, 39 assists
  • Sarina Olson- Rock Solid Defensive Player of the Year- 18 goals, 10 assists
  • Jenna Cimbron- Most Versatile Player- 18 goals, 13 assists
  • Rayna Medeiros- Most Energetic Player- 21 goals, 12 assists
  • Sawyer Levesque- Most Unselfish/Best Teammate of the Year- 18 goals, 21 assists
  • Sarah Jane Klein- Fan Favorite Player of the Year- 4 goals, 19 assists

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