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Photography Schedule


Written by: Stu Gaskell
Friday, September 15, 2006

As previously mentioned, BYSA has teamed up with local Photography company Serendipity Photo to be our official photographer for the Fall season.

Due to the mass number of teams we have decided to utilise 2 weekends to ease the congestion and hopefully time scheduling.

Below is the schedule for both dates. All players are requested to be at the fields at least 15 minuntes prior to your allotted time to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Envelopes for ordering will be handed out this Sunday September 10th.

PHOTOGRAPH SCHEDULE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17th<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


10:45         U6 Girls      AMICA INSURANCE


11:00         U6 Boys     DUNKIN DONUTS

                   U6 Boys     ANNARUMMO INSURANCE


11:15         U12 Girls    B.S.A.T.F.

                   U12 Girls    ANNARUMMO INSURANCE


11:30         U4 Coed    DUNKIN DONUTS

                   U4 Coed    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />BRISTOL BAKERY


11:45         U4 Coed    SOCCER WORLD

                   U4 Coed    DeMELO CONSTRUCTION


12:00         U8 Girls      M.A.R.I.

                   U8 Girls      RAMSAYs


12:30         U6 Girls      CAMPAGNAs PHARMACY

                   U6 Girls      PHOENIXBUILDING


12:45         U6 Boys     EASTBAY C.D.C.

                   U6 Boys     MACHADO CONSTRUCTION


1:00           U4 Coed    ANNARUMMO INSURANCE


1:15           U6 Girls      COX C.P.A.

                   U6 Girls      LUTHERs WELDING


1:30           U8 Girls      DUNKIN DONUTS

                   U8 Girls      DeMELO CONSTRUCTION


1:45           U10 Girls    MEDEIROS HOME IMPROVEMENT

                   U10 Girls    SAINT-GOBAIN


2:00           U8 Boys     EASTBAY C.D.C.

                   U8 Boys     PEOPLEs CREDIT UNION


2:15           U12 Girls    ARNOLDs LUMBER

                   U12 Girls    FULL CHANNEL TV


2:30           U12 Boys   DeMELO CONSTRUCTION

                   U12 Boys   LOWIS & ASSOCIATES


2:45           U10 Boys   FERREIRAs PLASTERING

                   U10 Boys   MEDEIROS HOME IMPROVEMENT






11:00         U6 Boys               J GOODISON COMPANY


11:15         U12 Boys             ANDRADEs CATCH

                   U12 Boys             ANDRADEs INSURANCE


11:30         U12 Girls              ALAYNE WHITE SPA

                   U8 Boys               SOCCER WORLD


11:45         U6 Boys               B.S.A.T.F.

                   U6 Boys               BOTELHOs LANDSCAPING


12:00         U8 Girls                CROSSROADs RESTAURANT

                   U8 Boys               B.S.A.T.F.


12:15         U4 Coed              MEDEIROS HOME IMPROVEMENT

                   U6 Girls               DUNKIN DONUTS


12:30         U8 Boys               ANNARUMMO INSURANCE

                   U12 Boys             HALL SPARS


12:45         U6 Boys               HARVEST MORTGAGE

                   U8 Boys               JRA COLLISION


1:00           U10 Boys             B.S.A.T.F.

                   U10 Boys             DUNKIN DONUTS


1:15           U12 Girls              J&K ENTERPRISE

                   U12 Boys             SALBERN


1:30           U10 Girls              KIKIs

                   U10 Girls              AMICA INSURANCE


1:45           U8 Girls                GOB SHOP




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