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Broncos coach sporting new shirt as Broncos improve their record


Written by: Doug Klein
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Broncos coach sporting new shirt as Broncos improve their record. The Broncos took to the field on March 15th against a very determined DR Striker team. The Broncos were able to improve their record to 6-1 during this match. The final score was 6-0.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The Broncos goal keeping efforts were made by Michaela Goglia and Lauren James. The keepers known as the wall sisters continue to baffle the opponents with their quickness, ability and skills. The wall sisters displayed great game awareness and were more than ready anytime the Strikers started to mount an offensive attack. The sisters continue to play very aggressive and attacked the ball whenever the ball came into the box. 


The Broncos aggressive offense was played by Sophie McKenzie, Aurora Faria, Kennedy Cabral, Emma Egan, Rebeccah Trefethen, Madison Fairbanks and Chloe Headrick. Chloe lead the scoring attack. Klein told reports, Chloe scored four or five goals or something like that I cant count that high. It seemed like every time she received the ball she scored. The Broncos were so dominate the Strikers were allowed to add an extra player during the second half. This had little effect on the dominate Broncos. The Broncos continued to move the ball up the field by passing to the open player. The Broncos also displayed great dribbling skills on both sides of the ball. Several times the Broncos were able to cross the ball to the middle of the field and create breakaways which resulted in goals. The Broncos were relentless in creating scoring opportunities. Coach Klein was overheard telling reporters Again, Im very pleased with the unselfishness of the players they are playing smart. When so many different players score goals they are passing the ball to the open player. He also stated Their ball skills are improving each week.  


On the other side of the field the defense played very aggressive. The defense again allowed very few shots on net. The stingy defense was played by Cassidy Allen, Lauren James, Madison Fairbanks, Megan Johnstone, Michaela Goglia and Aurora Faria. During the second half the defense really applied pressure and moved forward to the midfield line and kept the ball in the opponents half of the field.


Next week the Broncos will take to the pitch against the Westport Wildcats. The Broncos have beaten the Wildcats twice this season. This rematch is sure to be an exciting one. So come early and get a good seat. Dont forget to cheer for your favorite player or coach.


Dashing Coach Klein was sporting a new BYSA green shirt during the game. When questioned by reporters about the shirt Klein would only say, Another BYSA coach gave me the shirt, and the Broncos will be wearing green for the rest of the season.


Im very proud of the Broncos. BYSA has a lot of very good players and a lot of good players. Yesterday the Broncos had eleven great players. 

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