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Broncos finish 2nd session number 1 seed.


Written by: Doug Klein
Saturday, March 29, 2008

During the second session the Broncos practiced and played very hard. It paid off March 22, as they finished the regular 2nd session as the number 1 seed.  Coach Klein told reports: The team has worked very hard to get where they are today. They have worked on all the basics during the season. The team has developed above my expectations. The Broncos roster includes a few veteran U-10 players, several U-8 players who moved up this year, and a few players who never played competitive soccer. Most players discovered the U-10 division is faster, more physical and much more demanding then there previous soccer experience. The players adjusted quickly to differences in the game.

During the game the Broncos clinched the number one seed at the expense of the Westport Wildcats. The final score was 9-3. The Wildcats are a determined team, and are a force to reckon with. The Broncos were short three players due to the Easter holiday. This had no effect on the determined Broncos. During the first few minutes of the game the Wildcats were controlling the ball. It took the Broncos a few minutes to settle in. Once the Broncos settled in they controlled the ball and the game. At the half way mark the score was Broncos: 6 Wildcats: 0. At that point the Broncos coaches decided to make some roster changes. The spectators were confused when the Broncos switched the offense to defense and defense to offense. When questioned about the changes Klein said: That was a perfect opportunity to allow the players to experience different positions.  Putting the player in an unfamiliar position allows them to make decision they normally dont make. Hopefully this will help them become smarter players, and develop on the go decision making.

Several BYSA coaches were in attendance for the game. It became obvious they were scouting for the Cyclones organization. The Cyclones clinched the number two seed last week. The Cyclones will be playing the Wildcats next week in the second playoff game. If the Cyclones advance and the Broncos advance they will be pitted against each other it the finals. The Cyclones are a well coached and a very disciplined team. Rumors were buzzing yesterday. An unnamed source leaked details of the Broncos, Wildcats game back to the Cyclones. The unnamed leak told the Cyclone players that the Broncos were, really putting it to the Wildcats.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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