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Written by: Fawn Perry
Monday, June 2, 2008

It was touch and go this weekend at the Medway Tournament for the Bristol Thunder girls team.

Their first game the girls played on Saturday was the very BIG Wellesley United.  It ended with a 0-0 tie.  Wellesley was just running through our girls and we had numerous injuries on the field.  Our defenders, Elizabeth DaPonte, Kristina Lynch, Samantha Hogan, Rachel Gaska and Julia Vollaro stayed strong along with our two goalies Kellsie Mitchell and Sarah Aubin to allow no goals.

The second game of the day was played against Medway Stampede with a 0-0 tie.  Once again our defense and goalies gave up no goals.  Our forwards Taylor Perry, Madison DaCosta, Haley Ferreira and Tess Carriero along with the mid-fielders Victoria Lombardo and Katie Hendrix were shut out against the Stampede.

Our final game Sunday against Westwood Breakers ended in a 1-0 win with Tess Carreiro assisting a Breaker player (yes that's right!!) in scoring our one goal.  Again our defense and goalies kept up the zero goals against record.

Bristol Thunder ended up in first place in the red division going into the semi-finals.  Once again we had to face the second place (in the blue division) Medway Stampede.  Bristol Thunder was on FIRE for this game.  With an assist from Taylor Perry, mid-fielder Kellsie Mitchell scored the only winning goal and again the defense and goalies kept the game at zero, with the final score 1-0.

Bristol Thunder goes into the finals against Wellesley United (rememeber the very BIG girls) from the first game.  The game goes to a 0-0 tie, now we go to a 5 minute overtime, still a 0-0 tie, now another 5 minute overtime with a 0-0 tie.  The game goes to a 5 player shoot-out (Sudden Death). With players Taylor Perry, Madison DaCosta, Rachel Gaska, Kellsie Mitchell and Elizabeth DaPonte and Sarah Aubin as goalie.  Rachel and Elizabeth scored with Wellesley scoring only one goal.  The final score 2-1 BRISTOL THUNDER WINNING IT ALL!!!

I must say Coach Doug Mitchell and I probably have more grey hairs on our heads from this shoot-out than any of the other games played this weekend.  That's how intense this was!!

Coach Doug and I cannot say enough about these girls, they wanted to win it all and they went out there in the 80 degree heat and sun and did just that.  Girls, Coach Doug and I are so very proud of ALL of you!!

The girls received their first place division trophy's with Elizabeth DaPonte receiving the Sportsmanship Award

We were told later by the Medway Tournament officials that the Bristol Teams dominated the Tournament.  Way to go Bristol Youth Soccer!!!



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