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Bristol Cyclones Record Their First Win!


Written by: Kris Larson
Monday, January 29, 2007

Somerset, MA- In a hard fought battle, the Bristol Cylones U8 Girls team recorded their first win of the season by beating the Pawtucket Storm by a score of 8-3.

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A renewed and invigorated team took to the field on Saturday with enthusiasm and energy.  Bristol was proud to welcome their new players Sarah Benevides, Kaleigh Viera, Amanda Vieira, Grace Moclair and Sophie McKenzie.


Haley Correia handled Saturdays goalkeeping duties as she led the team and showed cat-like reflexes while making quick work of Pawtuckets offensive attacks.


Bristol took the lead early in the first half and never looked back.  The games first goal came from the line of Sawyer Levesque, Kerrie Larson and Kaleigh Viera.  Viera received a strong pass along the right side of the field and drilled a hard shot to the right of the goalie for her first career goal in the competitive arena.


The Cyclones once again saw the ball reach the back of the net when the line of Georgia Texiera, Jenna Cimbron and Sarah Benevides made a strong attack on the Pawtucket defense.  Cimbron worked through the defense to hammer the ball into the net despite a strong attempt by Pawtuckets keeper.


The line of Levesque, Larson and Viera worked again in unison to provide the next two goals for the Cyclones.  The line twice saw goals off the foot of Kerrie Larson.  At halftime, the Cyclones led Pawtucket 4-1.


The second half once again saw a tremendous display of athletic and mental ability by Cyclones keeper Haley Correia as she chose to stay in the net for the final 25 minutes.  Bristol took advantage of a whistle against Pawtuckets goalie as Kerrie Larson made quick work of the penalty shot opportunity to record her third goal of the outing.


The Texiera, Cimbron and Benevides line once again outmatched the Pawtucket defense as Cimbron worked her way towards the front of the net on two more occasions to get her second and third goals of the day.  Strong passing and offensive maneuvering on behalf of Texiera and Benevides opened the lane for Cimbron on both goals.


Bristols final point of the day came from the hard work and determination in front of the net by Sawyer Levesque.  Levesque placed a well-struck ball to the back of the net as Bristol edged out Pawtucket by a score of 8-3.


The offensive line of Abigail Lombardo, Sophie McKenzie and Sarina Olson worked tirelessly throughout the game at breaking down the Pawtucket defense.  They had many well-placed shots that never quite made it through the keepers hands.


Defensively, the Cyclones excelled during the match.  Bristol took to the field with two lines to battle the strong Pawtucket offense.  Matched up were Colleen Killeavy and Grace Moclair on one line while Amanda Vieira and Rayna Medeiros made up the other pairing.  Without these two strong and determined defensive lines, Saturday's results could have easily found the Cyclones on the other side of the win-loss column.


The Cyclones have a BYE this weekend but will retake the field on Saturday the 10th.  Practice will be this Thursday at 5:50 in St. Elizabeths gymnasium. 

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