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BYSA Teams to Attend the Holliston Memorial Day Tournament


Written by: Kris Larson
Monday, May 11, 2009

NOTE:  All rooms must be reserved by April 22nd!!!

Memorial Day weekend just around the corner and it looks like eight BYSA teams will be heading out to the Holliston Memorial Day Tournament to represent our organization.

Fawn Perry has arranged for hotel rooms to be available on Friday and Saturday nights at a discounted price of $89 per night. This includes breakfast, too...but don't expect too much.

If your U12 or above team happens to make to the championships on Monday, the hotel will give the same rate for Sunday.

The Doubletree Hotel in Westborough is a nice hotel for a tournament. It has an indoor pool, restaurant and bar. They don't know what's coming their way! They will set up a movie room for the kids and basketball and soccer in the parking lot.  Parents are responsible for the actions of their children throughout the event.

Everyone must be aware of these points:

-You must reserve your hotel room by APRIL 22ND.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE PRIOR INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-We have a limited number of rooms set aside so don't wait until the last minute.

-Once you enter their website to reserve your room, be sure you change your check-in date to 5/23 in order to get the discounted rate. Obviously you probably won't be staying on Thursday night, but it was easier for them to set up our link that way.

-Once you reserve your room, please don't cancel it as we may be liable for the cost.

-If you need additional items in your room (ie: a cot) you must order through your confirmation email (see example below.)

-About 80% of the families are planning on staying both Friday and Saturday night.

We will send out further information as we get closer. In the meantime, please make sure you've taken action on the items from my prior email (also below) and get your room reservations in.

Any questions should go through Donna Larson at or 556-7222.

Here is the link for the hotel reservations:


Information on the tournament can be found at

A few other things:

-Help is needed to coordinate this event. Please step forward and offer your assistance.  Contact me at


his is not an "official" BYSA sponsored event. It's just a bunch of teams getting together and going to the same place.

-Roster size is 18 for 11v11, 16 players for 8v8 and 14 players for 6v6.

-Coaches are responsible for registering their team.

-Coaches may email them your intention to register for the tournament up until April 19. They will hold a tournament spot for your team provided they receive payment and a completed application from you within 7 days of the date of the email. Information required in email to hold a spot should include Team Name, Age, Sex, Level of play, Coach or contact name, phone and email address. Spot will be released automatically if application and payment is not received within the 7 day period.

-The cost of this tournament is paid by each team directly Holliston. BYSA does not pay for it and teams are not required to attend. It is recommended that the coach takes the overall cost and divide the cost equally among the players.

-All teams and families in attendance will be representing BYSA and proper sportsmanship and etiquette from all players, teams and families is expected at all times.

-All teams must have a certified roster from SRI. You can use a copy of your spring roster once it's returned from SRI.

-If you are putting together a team that is different than your regular roster (guest players) I will work with the coaches to get this handled through SRI. Don't wait until the last minute.

-U12 and U14 teams will play Sat and Sun. Championship games will be on Monday.

-U10 teams will play on Sat and Sun.

-Teams will play at fields throughout Holliston.

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