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Bristol Wasps' Receive Their Share of Stings


Written by: Bristol Patch
Monday, March 7, 2011

and Mike Avila

To say the Bristol Wasps have been stung a few times this season is truly an understatement.

The youth soccer team, comprised of 6 and 7-year-olds, has lost more than its fair share of one-sided games. In fact, the team has yet to win a game and the results of a few games have certainly appeared to look more like football scores than that of a soccer game.

We kind of started out like the Bad News Bears, said Wasps head coach Pete Squatrito, whose team lost lopsided games, 24-2 and 18-3. But we are improving and its starting to show.

Indeed. The Wasps nearly broke into the win column a few weeks ago before dropping a one-goal decision, 4-3, to the Fusion.

It felt like the kids won the World Cup, said Squatrito It was like a victory for us.

Although he admits he has been a competitive athlete his whole life, Squatrito, who excelled in three sports at Bristol High School, said at this stage, its simply about keeping the kids motivated and getting them to focus.

The kids are six and seven years-old. Their attention span lasts about three minutes, he said. In the beginning some kids were out there twirling around. We werent taking any shots on net. Its challenging. Getting them to focus is the key.

In addition, Squatrito said playing indoor soccer is far different than the fall outdoor league the youngsters are familiar with. The fall outdoor program is strictly recreational. The score was never kept in a game. The result was always a tie.

The members of the Wasps are playing indoor soccer for the first time this season. Now the score is kept and the youngsters are learning all about being on both the winning and losing end. The Wasps are hoping to learn what its like to win a game before the season comes to a close.

Squatrito believes it can happen. He has witnessed his team progress from the beginning of the season. No longer are 15 boys all chasing after the ball at the same time.

They are doing the right things now, said Squatrito. Now the kids are starting to understand the game. We are definitely progressing. They know what they need to do, where they need to stand and when they need to pass the ball. Now the scores are getting closer. Before when they were down 8-0 in the first few minutes, they just rolled their shoulders. Now they are motivated to win. They are a great group of kids. I dont think we will win a championship anytime soon, but were definitely looking for our first win.

The Wasps are comprised of Christian Squatrito, Christopher Dos Reis, Cole Kirkler, Dylan Broi, Grant Garcia, Kaden Silva, Luis Raposa, Matthew Terceiro, Nicholas Andreozzi, Noah Dorgan, Tommy Nichols, William Harmon and Zachary Avila. The team is coached by Pete Squatrito, Matt Andreozzi, Mario Silva

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