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BYSA Fall 2011 Competitive Teams - U14 Girls Teams/Rosters


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, July 29, 2011

The following U14 girls teams are formed based on the recent tryout results and are selected to represent Bristol in the forthcoming fall 2011 season.

The teams have been formed for the fall program only and BYSA will conduct further tryouts for the winter indoor and subsequent spring 2012 season at a later date.

All players will be manually registered to the fall competitive program and therefore no further action is required at this time.

Registration fee for all competitive players is $75

BRISTOL FORCE Coach Ken VieraAlex Pires  Brittany Scott  Carlie Rochefort  Laura Lopes  Emily Elder  Hope Morency  Josie Foreman  Kayleigh Vieira  Katie Bjerregaard  Lexi Winnes  Melisa Soto  Michaela Goglia  Sam Tyler  Sarah Barboza  Madaline Lombardo        BRISTOL MUSTANGS Coach John TylerAlexia White  Amanda Estrela  Aurora Faria  Erika Silveira  Gwen Ludes  Haleigh Resendes  Haylee Pacheco  Holly Vollaro  Kayla Squatrito  Kiahna Almeida  Leah Medeiros  Megan Johnstone  Rebeca Trefethen  Sarah Benevides  Sophie McKenzie

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