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Spring Developmental & Competitive Super Liga Seasons Canceled

Published by Rick Chace
Apr 29, 2020

Based on the current environment of Covid-19 and schools not reopening for the rest of the year, Super Liga has canceled the Competitive Travel season and BYSA has canceled our Spring Developmental Soccer Season.  As an organization, we are working hard to come up with creative ways to keep our soccer community engaged in the sport.  Once we are allowed and can safely provide programs, our goal will be to hold a summer clinic and/or other events.  We will also be holding our regular Fall Developmental Season and Fall Competitive season.  You will see more on those programs in the coming months.  


Our number one priority will be the safety of our soccer community.  We will be issuing refunds for our Spring Developmental Soccer season over the next 2 to 3 weeks, as it will take us a little bit of time to process refunds through our registration system.  If you do not see a credit to your original payment within 3 weeks please email us at info@bristolyouthsoccer and treasurer@bristolyouthsoccer.  Competitive players will receive a credit towards the fall season or they can request a refund as well.


Below is a link to a great YouTube playlist created by US Club Soccer that focuses on  soccer foot skills.  Feel free to send us any pictures of your child performing these drills or just having fun in the yard with a soccer ball and we can post in our Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.