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Elks Soccer Shoot Winners

Published by Rick Chace
Oct 14, 2022
Congratulations to all the Elks Soccer Shoot Out winners and good luck to those competing in the statewide competition this Saturday!
Ruby Mitchell 1st place U8 girls
Cameron De Marco 1st place U8 boys
Madelyn Connell 2nd place U8
Norah Mitchell 3rd place U8
Mya Salvatore 1st place U10 girls
Oliver Figueroa 1st place U10 boys
RJ Viera 2nd place U10
Julai Fox 1st place U12 girls
Haley Thoren 2nd place U12 girls
Patrick Connell 1st place U12 boys
Matthew Mederios 2nd place U12
Connor Hudak 1st place U14