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BYSA World Cup Fundraiser

Published by Rick Chace
Nov 13, 2022

BYSA is running a fundraiser that follows the World Cup Tournament. The tournament begins on November 20th and you can support BYSA and follow along with the World Cup by purchasing Membership Cards for $20. Each card will enter you into the sweepstakes giving you 4 teams to follow through the tournament. If your teams scores the most or least points for the entire tournament you win a cash prize!

How to support BYSA:

If you have the tickets provided at the recreational program, please sell your tickets and drop off your payment and stubs at either of the below options** by Nov 22nd. If everyone can at least sell 1 if not all 5 this would go a long way to supporting BYSA.

If you don't have tickets or would prefer to buy or sell online, please follow the following steps:

  1. go to www.soccer-sweeps.com.
  2. Click on Order Tickets Online, enter code SC22BYSA and then create your account.
  3. Enter Player's Name & Team Name and buy your ticket(s).
  4. Each ticket will provide you with 4 of the World Cup 2022 teams and prizes will be awarded based on how your combined teams do with prizes awarded to the 4 highest and 2 lowest combined points. Follow your adopted teams all the way through the final on Dec 18th.

**Drop off options: Physical stubs and payments can be dropped off in the mail slot at 21 Constitution St (see BYSA Soccer Shot Drop Slot sign) OR come to the BYSA meeting on Nov 22nd from 7-8:30pm at Quinta Gamelin Rec Center, all BYSA parents are encouraged to attend the meeting and provide their input on our past and upcoming recreational and winter/spring competitive programs.