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Spring Competitive SuperLiga Spring 2023 Registration

Published by Rick Chace
Jan 25, 2023
Registration is now open for the BYSA players who will be playing in the SuperLiga competitive travel spring 2023 season.  This is for the U8 through U19 ages, birth years 2004-2016).  The SuperLiga season runs from April 1st through the end of June and typically consists of 8 regular season games with 4 games played in Bristol and 4 away games across the state with games on Saturday or Sunday and typically at least one training session each week.  If you have any questions contact your previous coach or email us at bristolyouthsoccer@gmail.com.

For the following groups (U10 BOYS-2013/2014; U14 GIRLS-2011/2010/2009; U16 COED-2007/2008; U19 COED-2006/2005/2004) we are first gauging interest to verify we have enough players before requiring payment so please fill out the form to confirm your interest.  For all other groups please contact your coach for information on how to register.  

U10 Boys (2013-2014) Pre-Registration Player & Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/8184V4358

U14 Girls (2009-2011) Pre-Registration Player & Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/6436C3117

U16 - U19 (2008+) Pre-Registration Player: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/22476H239?reg_role=player
U8 Boys & Girls (birth years 2015-2016): Please email our Competitive Director at compdir@bristolyouthsoccer.com if interested